Created: 3/25/1982

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POLAND! Production Improves

Industrial production increased slightly from January to February, with coal, copper, and other mining industries leading the way. Nevertheless, production was still nearlyercent below the levelear ago, and output of manufactured goods was down more thanercent. Planning Chief Madej predicts thatproduction in the second half of thie year mayercent higher than the seme period last year

but that the results forire year will still be less than thosej _|


Co-rents The figures for February offer the first tentative"sign that Poland's industrial decline may be ending, but the economy remains extremely depressed. Industrial production, national Income, and exports are all at tha level of the, while housingis at the level "astern sanctions and Poland's financial situation are the majorto more rapid recovery. CEMA assistance Inreduced Imports from the Rest will continue to be tho key factorln Poland's economic performance) in the near term,


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