Created: 3/22/1982

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POLAND: Continued Stalemate Predicted

A eenior party official believes that there will be little significant political activity in the nexte.


that the

until late spring. He said the regime had not yet decided onow toialogue ^Solidarity and predicted that Premier Jaruzelski wouldtalks only ifheVre reasonably certainavorable

The official indicated that the Churchwait and see whether there will be on upsurge of resistthis eprinq. Government officials who have taixeaudSit_/chi^ Walesa say that he believes time is on his side. f_

Comment: The stalemate could last beyond spring, depending primarily on the level of open resistance in SrSc-ing months/ There have been almost no lotions that Solidarity isajorthe regime in the next few months, although thepo^si bility of scattered outbursts remains high, smmmmmn.

If the widely anticipateda: terlalize, the moderates in the government willetter chince of maintaining their influence, but they will not be able to defeat the hardliners totally. An impasse between moderate, and hardliners in theould preclude any far-ranging political or economic moves that would break the current stalemate, ems-

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