Created: 6/1/1982

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Audit of Unvouchered Funds

0he Comptroller General cfStates sent letters (attached) to the Heads of Departments andGAO's audit of unvouchered funds under the GAO Actnthe letters WO emphasized that the statute also provides authority forto exempt any expenditures Involving sensitive foreigncounterintelligence, cr sensitive law enforcement Investigationsoversight.

seems that oot ell components within the Intelligencehave unvouchered funds have taken the necessary steps to exemptfrom GAO review. ieutenant General Williams sent(attached) to the OCI requesting his aid in coordinatingCommunity effort toroper list ofthat should be exempt from GAO audit and which are reportableappropriate Select Committees. The DCI agreedecessary and has designated the IC Staff as the focal pcintmatter. So we can determine the scope of this problem, please providea paperune, which discusses the amount and nature offunds, and or intelligence recordsour program whichshould te from GAG audit and the reasons for such_lf there are any further questions onontact


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