Created: 7/7/1982

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National Intelligence Daily (Cable)


IRAQ-EGYPT: Invitation to Nonaligned Summit

Iraq'e invitation to Egypt to attend tha nonaligned eumit meeting scheduled for September in Baghdadajor step in Egypt'e eifabilitation in the movement. I

Although Egyptofounder of the movement, it cane under attack when it signed the Camp David accords. Cairo subsequently had to stave off several expulsion attempts by radical Arab states.

Egypt received little criticism last Aprilonaligned meeting in Kuwait, however, when it called for mutual and simultaneous recognition between the PLO and Israel. The Egyptian representative also managed to prevent the conference coaanunique from directlyeg the Camp David process.

Comment: Iraq fears its war with Iran will cause rneXbera of the movement to demand that the meeting place be changed, and by inviting Egypt it hopes to strengthen support among Arab moderates. Moderates within tbawant Egyptian help in the struggle with the radical, pro-Soviet faction for leadership. I

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