Created: 7/9/1982

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reaotor being built at Huolaar- Rmaaaroh Cmtar.//

NORTH KOREA! Ruolear Reactor

a ntu nualmar rattarah adgt of Horth Koraa longluon

the new

facility ia almilar to rtortn Korea'a only otheraegawatt thermal researchlt at tha center during.

orth Korea's nuclear physicists ara trainad by tha Sovleta and hava tha theoretical arid technical akill tomall reactor of this type. If tha Soviet* ara involved, tha raactor probably will be declared to the International Atomic Energy Agency for aafeguardinc waa the flrat raactor at Hoeoow'e ineletence.//

//If tha North Koreani areopy of tha firat reactor without Soviet lnvolvtunartt and want to avoid de-reactor to the IAEA,

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