Created: 10/29/1982

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International Economic and Energy Weekly

of'n the Soviet Gas Export Pipeline

for ihe naiural gas pipeline from Siberiaestern Europeappearse generally on schedule, bul compressor nation construction has been complicated by the US embargo.

'ict media have


September and that by ihe beginning ofilometers of pipe had been laid. The photographs of ihe part of the route covered during September make Soviet claims concerning pipclaying appear credible. Soviet plans thai call0 kilometers of pipe laid by the end of the year probably will be at' ia ind


the I'S sanciion. created indecision in the Gas and Petroleum Pipeline Lonslruciion Ministry. Planning foestation construction in some cases had comeompletetans on two stations along Ihe central portion of the pipeline had been because the design institutes did not know what equipmeni would be available. In addition, the large number of compressor nations that are being built for high-priority domestic lines may be diverting needed labor away from construction of compressor stations for ihe export pipeline. J

The uncertainties surrounding further deliveries by West European firms and Ihe ability lo substitute Soviet*manufactured turbines suggest engineering plans for compressor stations may still be in abeyance The Soviets have said they could begin deliveries using reduced compressor power pendingof the necessary stations If stations on the Siberian portion of the line are delayed, the Soviets also could link the section being built eastward from the Uzhgorod eiiporl terminalecently completed domestic pipeline that brings Urengoy gas to Kursk. This would, however, icduce the availability of gashe domestic economy

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