Created: 11/6/1982

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POLAKD: Glemp Urges Moderation

Arahbishop Glenb seems intent on discouraging participation i'i nationwide atrikes or demonstrations that Solidarity has eallsd for next Wednesday, but he ie unlikely to head off all protests or to dissuade the regime from uain? harsh measures. sM

Glemp on Thursday implicitly agreed to meet with Premier Jaruzelski before Wednesday. Last week in Pome the Archbishop publicly opposed the strikes and toldF ,that they could lead to violence.

Some Church

amammanejnly mJnot work stoppages. He said that the possibility of large demonstrations was considerably less than beforeugust, the post recent day ofcalled by Solidarity.

According to some senior Church officials, new government-organized trade unionsarce. Glemp and others see no alternative, however, and reportedly believe that workers eventually may have to be urged to ioin them.

Comment: Glemp probably believes that the Church, as the only true representative of the people, has to reestablish official contacts. He might see his meeting with Jaruzelskiay of urging moderation. In addition, he rtay believe that this is tho time to press for an official public commitmentimetableapal visit, f ^

The meeting would be of even greater benefit to the regime. Official media would emphasize that the Church and government are working together to keep peace, and the authorities would hope an announcement of the Pope's visit, probably for next June, would calm some emotions. The authorities also might hope the meeting would cause more friction In the Church, where thero has been criticism of Glemp'i failure toougher stand against the regime.


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