Created: 10/26/1982

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POLAND: Solidarity Appeals for More Protests

The recent calls by the leadership of Solidarity for nore frequent and larger strike* and demonstrations reflect theof radicals in the underground^but they nay have difficultyubstantial turnout. H

The underground leadership haseries co^iuniquesBm| BBssI^11

hour strikes onovornbertTesecoiid anniversary of tho union'sfor demonstrations to mark Poland's prewar national day on II November. It also haiweek of protests"ecembereneral strike next spring, jjj^

Comment: Leadership in the underground xay befrcm the moderate fbigniew Bujak, who believes the authorities are too strong to be forced to makenow, to Bogdan Lis, who has been pushingeneral strike. Lis believes the authorities will make concessions only if they become convinced that many desperate people mighteneral strike. Ho wants extensive preparations, including the acquisition of communications equipment to allow strikers to overcome any government communications blackout.


Bytriko schedule, union leaders hope to persuade workers that they have an overall plan and to dispel the impression of indecision created by their silence after Solidarity was officially dissolved. Some protests would have occurred In any case, but the leadership will have difficulty staging widespread strikes onovember. Many workers will hesitate to participate, fearing others will not follow.

The regime will continue using repressivearresting resistance leaders, spreading disinformation, firing strikers, and providing economic rewards to those who remain on tho job.

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