Created: 10/23/1982

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POLAND: Placating the Intelligentsia

Tho Minister of. Culture yesterday announced the release of all actors, artists, and writers interned sinceecember and said they will be allowed to resume work. Deputy Premier Rakowski recently criticized some of the intelligentsia for refusing to produce cultural works under martial law and for blacklisting those who do. eading Soviet weekly on Wednesday charged that many members of the Polish intelligentsia had betrayed their country by emigrating or engaging in underground ammmm

Comment: Although the move is an attempt to placate tho intelligentsia and end their troublesome artistic boycott, it probably will not produce significantsoon. The action also seems intended to show the populace that the banning of Solidarity does not ieply total repression. The roleaso of the intellectuals is likely to increase the uneasiness reflected in the Soviet article, and Moscow will urge the_regime to maintain firm control over the intelligentsia.

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