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POLAND: Tense Church-State Relations

Tension between the Church and the regime will increaseesulzecent revaluation by senior Church officials o' oo'.-ernrtnt's natives and intentions. ffJA

Archbishop Glemp oeneves tne regime broke an implicit "contract" by dissolving Solidarity. Consequently, tho Church will make no more efforts toialogue between the authorities and society. as

The source also said that the regime is returning to the repressive policies of the, that the new government-sponsored unions wouldarce, and that the authorities had no chance of winning the allegiance of the younger generation, in addition, he stated there would not be any meeting soon between Glemp and Premier Jaruzelski. 1

Comment: Until Solidarity's dissolution, some leaders of the Church probably hoped thateputationroderate would still lead to some conciliatory policies. Nonetheless, the Church will not deviate from its longstanding policy of seeking to avoid bloodshed or become actively Involved in maneuvering against Jaruzelski.

Church leaders, moreover, have their own institutional interests in keeping frictionsanageable level. Recent Soviet criticism probably also will encourage Church leaders to be cautious.

The Church; however, may become more assertivethe regime for the failure to establish acould become more openly involved in defending The new tension in Church-state relationsplanning for tne Papal visit next year, evenstill wants It to be held on schedule.

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