Created: 10/13/1982

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POLAND: Strikes and Violence Continue

correspondents reportewly formed strike committee in the Gdansk shipyards has calledeneral strike today, workers from the first shift staged another eight-hour strike yesterday, while riot police surrounded the shipyards but did not intervene. Polish authorities 'militarized" the Lenin shipyards yesterday, thrcatenina to court-martial those who refuse to follow orders. B

Protesters and riot police clashed for the second night in downtown Gdansk. There are no confirmed reports of strikes or demonstrations elsewhere in the country.

Comment: The longer the strikes in Gdansk are allowed to continue, the greater the probability that workers elsewhere in Poland will spontaneously follow suit. The apparent continuing disarray among senior underground Solidarity leaders makes it unlikely that they are willing or able to organize sympathy strikes.

Soviet Reaction

Moscow's reaction to recent developments in Poland has been restrained. The Soviets almostfavored the move against Solidarity, but thuy probably are concerned over tho regime's ability to cope with its aftermath. DeTense Minister Ustinov's pledge of support to Warsaw in his anniversary message tothe tolish Army doos not appear to reflect anxiety. I


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