Created: 10/8/1982

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POLAND: Regime Braces for Demonstrations

The government is preparing to counter possible demonstrations in response to the loyal dissolution of Solidarity, which may be announced as early as today. Kiot policevc been deployed in Warsaw, and

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detained. The authoritiesBBBBSBBBBBBBsJ^I hat security forces would be placed in factories on Monday to prevent demonstrations. The senior leadership Of Solidarity Underground yesterday puteaflet ;ing no immediate protests to the ban.

Comment: Some spontaneous pretests seem likely in Solidarity's strongholds in Gdansk, Krikow, and Wroclaw. The mood in factories elsewhere in the country is less certain. Although workers generally have not been willing to take part in symbolic demonstrations that could cost them thoir jobs, the banning_of Solidarity is astep.

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