Created: 10/2/1982

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r-JLAND; Reaction to Trade L'nion Leyislatioi

undecidcc on now toassageew trade union lawthe iutiOn oc their union. Although they reco will net allow then to participate In newoycott of the unions fromropaganda edge to the authorities.

issc-the regime ;. they .ng would

The indecision, seems to cult- out tho livelihoodoordinated nationwide response tovernment's plans. Underground Solidarity leaders have admitted they do not believe they will be ready to calleneral strike until next soring at the narliost-Instead, they could call for demonstrations onovember, the second anniversary of the regime's officialof the union, cr once^ber, theof martial law. is uncertainty. howo'.'C-t, does not preclude. th^ possibility of spontaneous doiropst rations by workers whenaw is passed.

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