Created: 10/1/1982

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POLAND: Future Status of Solidarity

regime, despite some mixed signals, probcbly has notinal decision on lAen to withdraw SolCaarity'e legal statue.

Glemp told

yesterday he fears that if the regime abolishes Solidarity,

there wouldevolution." He believes the present time is the most volatile since martial law was imposed and says he may have to cancel his visit to the OS-scheduled to begin in twothe government closes down the union. The Church has cautioned the regime against doing so. I

evei-ajn.'or media spokesmen have toldB aaBmaBBaPsPthey expect Solidarity to be dissolvea'Tn^he^^

near future. An editoroderate weekly predicted tnat another round of serious street disturbances would De one outcome of parliament's deliberations on unions. The parliament Is slated to meetctober, and there is much publicspeculation that It willew trade union law.

Meanwhile, the Polish press has printed somecomments on Solidarity. It also hasshowing Solidarity still has strong supportthe country.

Comment: Members of the Church and of Solidarity have criticised Archbishop Glemp in the past for his willingness to compromise with the government. His latest remarks, howeverjlndicete he is determined to stand up to the regime.

urelski may decide to push foregislation, arguing that this issue will nave to be resolved before martini lew is ended, lie still appears intent on carrying out his pledge in July to ^atore civi Lian rule by the end of the year if conditions warrant.

evidently ereto formal

nevertheless, there -earns tolearthe possible dangers, and eome delay in thewould be consistent with thestep-by-etep





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