Created: 9/11/1982

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USSR-POLAND: Impact of Recent Demonstrations

* * Tk1 So^Ut* arfl Pleased that no greater disruption occurred tast week, out they appear to havere sober appreciation

'^BviUong and difficult process.

hadfor the possi-

bility of violence in Poland on the second anniversary or the formation of Solidarity and commended thes forces for their swift, repression of "hooliuan elements."

Subsequent Soviet comment, however, has"counterrevolution" in Poland has "by noits potentisl." Soviet officlels ina visiting Western politician late last monthPoles probably would not emerge fromlthough econora;ic"norraa^zatlon" mightas early as

Comment: While the Soviets probably are cistuibed that the martial law regime has notble entirely to prevent active expressions of opposition, there is no indication this has affected their general satisfaction with Premier jaruselskl's performance. The Soviets almost certainly want him to tighten security even further, to be tougher in dealing with the Church,.and to proceed slowly in rebuilding trade unions. M

Soviet media took note of the particlDation of young people in the clashes last weeX and have said Moscow regards the solution of the youth problem es an important taskevitalised party. Soviet officials may make these points explicitly to Foreign Minister Olszowski when he visits Moscow early next week.


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