Created: 9/4/1982

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POLAND: Possible Review of Solidarity's Strategy

Peaeimiatic appraisals of the demonstrallom thia week by Solidarity aotiuists suggest the union's leadership may become caught upengthy reassessment of its goals and tactics.

Two members of Solidarity's national committee and oral intellectual activists]-

"" jaaacrted the turnoutower than even the most pessimistic union forecast. They believe workers are intimidated by possible economic and other reprisals and, under the circumstances, find attractive the regime's vague promises of new semiauton-omous trade unions. They conclude tho majority of workers have abandoned active supportree trade union.

Meanwhile, the authorities are continuing their hard line toward the union. overnment spokesmanadmitted that the recent disorders were the most serious since the imposition of martial law and added that the violunce showed Solidarity isegitimate partnerialogue. The government also formally charged with treason several leading dlssidentintel-lectuala who were key Solidarity advisers. ^

Commenti The pessimistic viewsandful of union activists"probably aro not reprosentative of the entire leadership. Many workers probably are skeptical about the regime's offer of new trade unions. Such deephowever, may increase the chances that frustrated extremists will be more likely to resort to violence-


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