Created: 9/1/1982

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POLAND: Domonstrations

Tfte eiaefees yesterday between police andMilidaritu supporters appear' to be the laryeet since early hay. I

Police used tear gas, water cannons, flares, and percussion grenades to disperse protesters In Warsaw and at leastther major cities. The crowds ranged from several hundred in Lublin to0 in Warsaw. Altogether, more0 people may have been Involved in theat ions!""

The groups were made up mostly of students and younger workers. Disorders in Warsaw, Gdansk, and near Krakow continued late into the night aseatedly regrouped after being dispersed by riot police.

Near midnight Polish officials claimed order had

been restored in most areas. Crews were dispatched to

clean up the debris in Warsaw. Curfews were imposed

inmilitantseveral other cities. ffl

The regime relied mainly on special motorized riot police to break up the demonstrations, but an unusually largo number of regular military, as well as regular and auxiliary police, were held in reserve. The security forces reportedly showed little restraint in clashes with the protesters. Initial Polish press reports claim both Bides suffered casualties, and several hundredwere arrested. Vfl

Comment: The demonstrations probably were larger than the government expected. The authorities clearly hoped that their massive show of force and warnings of the past few days would intimidate potential demonstrators Security personnel probably will remainigh state of readiness out of concern that demonstrations willover the next several days, as they did in several cities in May.

Many union activists apparently were notmay again take to the streets. Mostprobably believe thov have made their pointlie low.


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