Created: 8/31/1982

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POLAND: Prospects for Violence

The ruyime iu moving additional security forest into position and reportedly hat canceled military leaves in preparation fordemonstrations today.

The size and number of patrols equipped for riot control have increased in Warsaw, several military convoys were observed In the capital area, and other units appear to be on alert in their qarrisons near Gdansk, Szczecin, and Lublin,

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le mood in the factories is theunknown" ancTthe hope that the militia would avoid violence.

some violence is likely today. The regime has backed- Ttselforner with its strong warnings of the pest week and will feel compelled to meetwith force regardless of the size of the crowds.

The extent of violence will primarily depend on the government's tactics. There will be less violence and fewer personal injuries if demonstrators are prevented from gathering than if they are allowed to congregate and thenesson" by the police,

The Soviets will seek to avoid any overt involvement in the Polish Government's efforts to control the

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