Created: 8/30/1982

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Preparations Continue for Demonstrations

Solidarity and tha regime stepped up their preparations over the weekend for the demonstrations the union hoe called for tomorrow.

After nearly two months of silence, Radio Solidarity on Saturday returned to tho air and appealedarge turnout and for police to either disobey orders or behave with moderation. econd broadcast. Solidaritydemonstrated their technical expertise andby interrupting the national news program briefly.

The regime continued its efforts to harass organizers by arresting at leastor antistate activities and by closing down underground printing presses in several cities. Police forces in the major cities have been strengthened, and at least some regular military units^ appear to be in an increased state of readiness.

The regime has also continued its wax of words. Premier Jaruzelski yesterday warned that martial law must be respected and that violations will not be tolerated.

The media also continued to report jointmilitary exercises. There has been noactivity by major unitsofthe two Sovietstationed in Poland.

Poland's bishops yesterday called on both the regime and Solidarity to celebrate tomorrowpirit of calm and urged restraint on those who would resolve theconflict through violence. The bishops argued that dialogue is the only way to resolve the confrontation. ^

Comment; The bishops' call for calm is unlikely toignificant effect. Some potential demonstrators will read some words of encouragement into the message, and others, who have already become convinced that the Church is too conciliatory toward the regime, will ignore It. Regime officials remain adamant that thetomorrow must be stopped lestoddi-tional opposition activity.



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