Created: 8/28/1982

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POLAND: More Demonstrations Ahead

establishment approaches.

cond anniversary of Soli-

Solidarity leader Bujak yesterday called Tor mass demonstrations on Tuesday. He noted the union might suffer if no major show of strength occurs.

The regime, meanwhile, is working hard to intimidate

the populace. Yesterday it announced completion of a

Polish-Soviet military exercise and the Btrongthoning of

security forces in the militant cities on the Baltic.

Polish television announced that police had arrested

emonstratorsin Lodz,ilometersof Warsaw. WMM

Bestimate protests in

the next several days win rivalstaged in mid-May. They also expect the regime will be able to keepunder control, saanm

Praoda on Thursday published an overview of the internal situation In Poland that focused on the slow economic and social recovery there and blamed the persistence of

bourgeois ideology- and -revisionists' In tho private sector. The article ends on an uncertain note, howeverontinued "difficult struggle" in Poland

Commenti The publication of such an article sugqestB Moscow is concerned about what may occur in Poland next week and wants to prepare the Soviet public for any Tho reference to "bourgeois" and "revisionist" remnants underlines Soviet frustration at the persistence of worker opposition. In the coming week, the USSR is likely to highlight economic sanctions and other alleqod Western interference in Polish affairs and to olqnal

! martial law regime's effort, toand control.


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