Created: 8/17/1982

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USSR-POLAND: Brezhnev and Jaruzelski Confer

TASS described the meeting yesterday between Soviet President Brezhnev and Polish Premier Jaruzelski in the Crimea as "cordial" and demonstrating their "complete identity of views- on both bilateral relations and international affairs. Brezhnev reportedly assured the Polish leader the USSR "will continue to give whatever assistance it can" to Poland. The two leaders warned that the US imposition of economic sanctions would prove to be aand Jaruzelski blamed the slow pace of Polish recovery on aunderground" inspired and supported by the US.

Comment: The unusually positive description of the atmosphere of the talks suggests the Soviets are more encouraged now by Jaruzelski'e handling of the Polish situation than they were when they met with him in March. They evidently reminded him, however, that their ability to provide economic aid is limited by their own Jaruselskl's visit was part of the Soviet President's customary summer schedule of talks with East European party leaders, but because of Brezhnev's uncertain health, the decision to receive Jaruzelski may have been made at the last minute.

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