Created: 8/11/1982

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POLANDi Religious Pilgrimage

Pilgrims from throughout Poland and Western Europe began traveling to th* city of Csestochowa last week to commemorateth anniversary of Poland's most sacred religioue object, the icon of the Black Madonna. The number of participants could Increase to morey the time major ceremonies are held at Cxestochowa this weekend. Many of the pilgrims, who include largo numbers of young people, could remain in the area for other major commemorative ceremonies onugust.

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Comment: The Churchood record oforder at its public ceremonies, although there have been incidents after religious observances. It would like to maintain discipline, if only to show theit still commands the loyalty and obedience of the population. Nonetheless, some may use thotraditionally an occasion for nationalistic andustrationover martial law and the delay of the Papal visit.

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