Created: 8/10/1982

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POLAND: Precautionary Arrest

Polish security force:

late last week arrested ana que! moreolidarity activists suspected of being associatedn__llleqal publishingfffffl'af**BBf]BH increased circulation calling forstrikes or demonstrations later this month, with preparations ruinorod__to__be most intense on tho Baltic

.arrests before

nationwide deiranatrations planned forugust, the. second anniversary of the formation of the union.

comment: The arrests are the first clear sign that

the authorities anticipate trouble later this month and

hope to forestall it through intimidation. Such tactics

are unlikely to prevent protests against martial law, in

view of the widespread disaffection from the regime and

the apparent willingness of the workers to participate

in protest activity. Some demonstrations could occur as

early as Friday, the end of the eighth month of martial law. asjsBSj



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