Created: 8/3/1982

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lyeaterday the union leador-ico-huji-'to call' forays ofculminatingegime ohugust. He believe they are caught be-Ughetahd and the growing rkers.and- that they hove to credibility.

Union sources report xecent polls taken in manyshow overwhelming support for an immediate,strike, .workers' committees In Gdansk reportedly hayo already agreedork-stoppage and simply are waiting for the "right weekend." union officials bellevo they would have to support such action. smSj

The union official Indicated, however, that the leadership is oot new prepared for the showdown withtrike i. llfal, to provoke, ft police

camenti worker sentimenthow ofis running far ahead of the more cautiousSolidarity leadership. Union leaders willcontain the mood of the workers and will try tomajor strike action until at least next month. some violence during the planned protestthis month will be almost unavoidable because ofattitudes of some union activists and theleast soma provocation from police.

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