Created: 7/23/1982

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USSR-POLANDi Soviet Reaction to Hecent Events

The Soviets have not commented publicly on the demotion last week of hardline Politburo member Olszowski, the postponement of the papal visit, or Premier Jaruzelski': easing of some law restrictions. In their formal message yesterday on Poland's National Day, President Brezhnev and Premier Tikhonov expressed approval andfor efforts to revitalize the Polish party. At the same time, however, they stopped short of expressingthat current measures to cope withDolitical and economic difficulties would be

Commentt The sparseness of soviet commentary may stem from mixed feelings about recent eventsesire to await their impact before passing judgment. The Soviets are likely to be uneasy about the downgrading of Olszowski, who is particularly close to the Kremlin ideologically, but they may hope that it at least will reduce strife in the party. The limited concessions Jaruzelski announced on Wednesday probably allayed Soviet concerns that he would move too far toward conciliation. Although the Soviets may have reservations about the large-scale release of detainees, they appear confident of the regime's ability and determination to maintain order.


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