Created: 7/15/1982

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POLAND: Party Central Committee

Tk<,planum on youth thatouuylittleew for the alienated ?nd dlerirltedgtneratim, but it offers Premier Jcruzeleki ano program for reducing martial law reetrietiona.

Widespread speculation persists that the regime will announce the release of some or all internees or the modification of martial law. Several sources, however claim the leadership has made no decisions.

One source reports that disputes between hardliners and reformersariety of subjects, including the release of internees, have led to reversals of numerous decisions. He says there is general agreement amonq the leaders that the squabbles cannot be allowed to continue and that both sides seem preparedonclusive battle at ii-T. bSbbbb

at the plenum.

Observers at the Vatican say Pope John Paul II has decided that political conditions are not righto Poland in August. The Pope will ask the Polish leaders for an alternative date.

Comment: Jaruzelski probably has been underfrom moderates to announce conciliatory gestures to persuade Western governments to cancel economic sanctions. The Premier's aversion to taking risks and pressure from hardliners at home and in Moscow, however, are likely to cause him to make only modest, symbolic gestures that leave the essentials of martial law unchanged. ffffflB


Despite the many failings of martial law, Jaruzelski's critics probably do not have enough strength torontal attack on him at the plenum. There could behowever, of the continuing drift.


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