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> of Itt*priaon caapth -waa located at the nuclear' related facility know* The adainiatracioo was one of aeveo or eight atratiom which were subordinate to4 ainingadainietration (camp)o BOO priaonere, all Condition* at the caap verabe even ^

bcttar than for people not in priaon. The caap vaa homedSOaeter coapound dree to four kiloatera north of anundergoingon. Prtaenera

aanuel in the conatruction of the facility. ENS SUMMARY

caop waa; poaeibly aignifiad

1. Ai of,riaon canp Clager) known aath Mining Malalot tatoye Cornoyewaa loceced atnuclear" related facility known aat the city of Xreanoyarak onaaitern bank of the Yaniaay River, aal aw : Throughout the interview Source referred to the facility a* an "underground nuclaar plane" coanonly known aaevyatka"). Forknown to hia,eant nuclear.) The nailing addreat for priaoaere confined at the caap waa: . Then the addraae

ah *

iterate (gornoye'

sa. Dais.,

uprevleniye). Other mining directoxatee (departmente) were known to have been located at theotnpleK, but their numerical deaignationa were not recalled. All of then were believed to have preceded by the"

3. th Mining Adminietretion wai aobordinate to4 mining directorate. There My have been aa tunytight or nineunder thia directorate. th camp, alao known aaoused WOriaonera, all of whom were firat-tUe offender*. It was believed that hebicualwere never aaaigned to tbia particular complex. Baaed on hearaay among priaonera, personal observations and cc-apariaona. the conditions at thecamps were "exceptional." The treatment the priaonera received waa "even better than (or people who were not in priaon." For instance, priaonera were riven ;he beat food and were provided with various forai of education.

th "camp" waa situated on an elevated areaf the Yeniaey Kiver end acroaa the river fran'theoriaonera ,vere

interned ia aingle-atory wooden barracks. The csinp.eneomp*seed_an area

Mtera and waa aurroundedarbed Io addition to two rowa of barracka, the eaeplub, aaoceer field,airly largetheater. Althoughwere very well treated,allowed to freely leave

the prisor. ground*. The canp wai y KVD croopa. ecor location aketch andor layout aketeh

A similar priaon camp, poeeibly thethaa0 toeters eaat of. Prisoners from thia canp were involved in construction work under the mountain in an area adjacent (possibly north) of the particular area whereriaonera worked.

A third priaon camp,ai located somewhere on top of the mountain, above the underground facility. ^ omment: Sourte wai at thia campew occaaioni to play in intramural

took to the -ria

He could not recall the route he tool to thia camp, but he


waa fairlythat it waa the same aa the route h undergroundm?


else worked under (he mountain. However, unlikendriaonera who worked in ground level tunncla, priaonera (roe>orked in shafts and seemed to be excavating from or on top of the mountain, aa pilee of rubble (tailings) were evident. According to hearsay, there were elevator shafts on top of the mountain which led to tunnels in :he underground com*lax tnc details). pCowe: Source could notescription of the mourtaln top camp. He had no information regarding objects such ss vents, stacks, power lines or pipes. ew small aupport-type buildings were located somewhere in the aree, but no details were available.)

6. Approximately five kilometere north(T) oftstoyniki) that was allegedly used for "heavy water" and wasbe associated with the underground facility. Accordinghe Yeniaey River was supposedly "rich with hydrogen" and theused by the underground facility. fl| ftfe. ommeoi Source didhat deuterium was. jrojtr., Source believed

thai the river contained large amounta of hydrogen.) Water fromwas supposedly pwped into the underground facilityany appsrent type of traatssentleansing orafter waa tranaferredold ing poi Mrammmtdid not personally see the holding pond. He was told of"prisoners innd


In earlyhen the particular construction project ofas completed under the mountain, the priaonera were transferred to other areas. For several months, at least one prisoner fromaa aentrison camp (designator unknown) locatedown frequently referred to as "Sotsgorod" (Socialist City). This town waa also included under the designation of The town wae located along the eastern side of the Yenisey River and was south of the underground facility. During that period risoner was assigned lr handyman duties at a fairly large heavy autoootive (truck) repair plant locatedoilometere aoulh of the northern outskirts of the townsite. One of his duties there waa to assist In the constructionence located approximately five kilometer* of the plent on the beaka of the Yeniaey River. The plant itself appeared to be "open" (unclssatfied) and ws* primarily involved with truck repairi and not manufacturing. There did not appear to be any military involvement at the plant.

There did not appear to be sny military

Consent: Source could not provide any detaila on facilities or personalities nt the tovneite, although he believed the administration facilitiea for the alningere there.

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