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ecurity forcedbeing used in the cone true tionomestic gas pipeline compressor station cloec to th* export pipeline to Western Europe.

The export pipeline shares the right-of-way with his domestic line in the Cheremisinovo area and passes lessilometer from this compressorompressor station in the early stages of construction for the export line is located withinilometers ofhe trailers housing forced labor. rJ^LTflLssssTAj

In addition to the minimum security facility near Cheremisinovo, there areaximum security forced labor camps withinilometers of the export line. The heavily guarded prisoners at all of these are engaged in light industry, logging, or urban construction near

Comment: The segregated fenced and unfencedat Cheremisinovo confirms emigre reporting that parolecj and probationers sometimes are housed separately from free workers near construction sites of compressor stations while they build the stations. Construction of compressor stations is the most probable use of forced labor in pipeline construction, because the work is localized and is semiskilled or unskilled in nature.

Thexisting camps arc close enough to the export line compressor station construction siteu to transport prisoners to them. The USSR, however, apparently has not used prisoners at such camps for this kind of work. Forced laborers from the ranks of parolees or probationers would be more likely to be brought in and kept in minimum rcurity facilities such as thear Cheremisinovo. -cia, :isa-


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