Created: 9/18/1982

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Forced Labor on Plpoline

tooent alUgavione in the

auppcrfd by reliable evidence.

onic ofillion unconflned parolees andhave Seen forced to work on large construction project.,

in the past, including pipelines.

se of paroleesnstruction on major'*Vand could not confirm recent -iTTe^aTSns^fTs^fprTaoDars fr^ specific forced-labor

camps on the export pipeline.

illion additional prisoners confinedeavily .secured forced-labor camps work atworksites near their camps. ates that charges concerning new forced-labor camps at seven locations along the export pipeline route lac* credibility:

none of the forced-.or camps alleged to oe at Urengoy, Ust;-Ishim, or lrbit--the lost two are not near any pipeline.

--Old forced-labor camps exist at Lys'va, near the proposed pipeline route, but prisoners are engaged ln logging.

--Old forced-labor camps exist at Tyumen', Tavda, and Surgut, but ^hese are far from the pipeline route.

Vietnamese laborers in the USSR numbernd will Increase during the next five years. Evidence indicates that they are volunteers engaged in low-skin jotja or in training programs.

Comment: Soma forcedand proba-tioners--will probably be used on selected tasks of the export pipeline construction, in view of their use ln the past on similar pipelines and because of the curren labor shortage ln the USSR. They are likely to be usee in isolated areas constructing compressor stations and asaociated housing and eupport structures. Heavily guarded prisoners and forced laborers from Vletnas not likely to be employed on the pipeline

for ftetot* MR lag;

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