Created: 8/21/1982

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USSR; Alleged Use of Forced-Labor on Pipeline

The Scviete are denying uideopread feat European aooueationo that political prieonerg are being ueed to build the Siberian gag pipeline to Western Europe. ojmaj

The allegation, which haa been given considerable Attention by woat European media, evidently waa first made early thia monthuman rights organization based in Most Germany. The French and Heat Gormanhave instructed their Embassies in Moscow to determine the validity of the charge. The Sovietsagain denied the accusation in an article in Sovetekaya ftoaeiya, callingdirty lie" intended to^ disrupt agreements with West European countries.

<*tf*"1 prisoners are

not used on pipeline construcTTorr because they are not eligible for parole. Paroled prisoners convicted of bribery, robbery, or other crimes occasionally are employed on auch projects ns manual laborers or service personnel. BmVQ

parolees are used to help build compressor stations but not to lay pipe, because that requires mobile crews. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is under strong pressure to provide parolees for pipeline construction projects, which are particularly important ln national economic plans.

Comment: Tho Soviets are plagued by serious labor shortages And may be using some ofillion people in forced labor camps, as well as parolees, to perform such unskilled tasks as clearing forests for important pipeline construction projects. There ia no evidence, however, tKat any of the0 imprisoned political or religious dissidents are being used for any phase of construction on the Siberian export pipeline. flST -CIA, DIA, NSA-


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