Created: 7/27/1982

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EL SALVADOR i Performance onummary

lthough noma abuses continue to occur* tha monthly'political deaths ia downercent from laat year andgovernment and military leaders continue to work 'j', curbing human and civil rights* abuaea, and to raspondlntar eat In participatory government anthaarch constituent assembly aloctlona. efforts continue to ba hamparad by tha weaknaaaas ofunsophisticated body politic. Thsss include aninability to separata partisan and parsonsl goals fromprioritiesailure to pot asldsconflicts that in the peat have thwarted tha

prooaaa; M

2. Despite the rigidity of tha political systoa and tea myopia of certain of ita key participants* the prospects foe-continuingslow andgenerally positive. Ths civilian government has so fsr bean characterised gsnarally by pragmatic compromise, with the result thet "'- political, eoonceilo, and social reforms are continuing andviolence haa been reduced. This position has bean reinforced by the military high coamana, which distinguished ltaelf aaajor moderating force during the fractious political negotiations that followed the election. Led by DiCenaehs 'armed forces appear increasingly aware of the psychological dimension of the wsr snd cognisant tr-nt ths Insurgsnts sre the ultimata banefIclerles of any arnaee. '

assessment reflects the judgment of the lntalllgsncs communityeeting of the National Foreign Intelligence Board repreeantlvee cuwi*2 chaired by.tha Director of Central Intelligence.


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