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Dan Ackroyd Developing Television Series on CIA

want to depict tho CIA as people who are protecting all the great things in this country. We want to dispel the imagethe CIAunch of thugaan with suppressedith that visionossible television series, film star Dan Ackroyd, his brother Peterroducer who appeared in "The Newnd producer Chris Chacon visited Headquarters on Octobero learn more about the CIA family. The trio was introduced to numerous Agency managers, case officers, analysts, and support staff in the DDO-DDI front office, the Exhibit Center, Balkan Task Force. PDB staff, ORE, CNC. CTC, and PAS, and also met with NIC and ALA representatives.

Ackroyd told What'* New* that his visit confirmed his view of tbeof the human element at the Agency.aw here people working togetherant to be able to capture this family element in our series, which will feature three young recruits to the DI, DO, and DSfcT. We want to project the values of the Agency--that people from all over the country with esoteric knowledge are helping to protect theckroyd noted that the proposal is still on the drawing board; following this visit, he plans to pitch the series to the three major television networks. Casting and scrlptwriting are still far off, although he mightecurring roleenior Agency manager. The rest of the roles will probably be playod by new actors.

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{right to left/ Peter and Dan Ackroyd ana Chris Chacon to the Agency.

Photo: Autographed note to CIA employees from Dan Ackroyd. 'To the Agency Family: Smart people, we appreciate your skilled dedication! Rock on!'

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