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Headlines! (Ul Patrick Stewart Visits CIA Headquarters

a honored to be here andwhat you do."Stewart

John LeCarre's superspy Jtarla finally made it to Langley onhenStewart, who played the Soviet bloc intelligence chief in the Georgeseries, visited the Headquarters complex. Stewart, who is appearing inTheater's production of Othmllo. told What'a News, 'Coming here inof George Smileyilgrimage for me. Upon firstertain thrill ran through mo.ave had awas six--foscination with politics. Each morninget up.eadinutes. As luck would have It. whenyour Public Affairs

Staffasook by Harvey1 WeinBtsin, an MXULTRA victim, whose grandson works for me.ust tell you that this sordid story, and other media characterizations of your work--had somewhat colored ay perceptions of your organization.a very favorably inpreaaed withave seen here.*

Stewart's visit beganeeting with DCI George Tenet, who explained the oversight process, praised the dedication of the Agency workforce, and detailed some of the new areas in which the Agency works.ongtime activist with Amnesty International, was particularly appreciative of tho Agency's work in disaster relief, tracking down war criminals, and monitoring human rights violations. He cited the similarity of what the Agency stands for and the values portrayed on scar Trefclwhlch, he noted, begins filming its next movie in March).

During his meeting with DDO Jack Downing and ADDO Jamos Pavltt, Stewart noted, "What is shockinguropean living in America, the most open society in tho world, la the amount of public accountability government officials, evenocret organization, face. Thisascinating tension between secrecy and openness.'

Stewart's visits to the Operations Center and CTC's Intelligence Fusion Center included discussions of the Importance of all-source intelligenceyriad of topics. He was particularly impressed with the number of terrorist threats reported around the world, and by the Agency's successes in combating terrorism. Stewart praised the 'great work' of Crime and Narcotics Center officers, who demonstrated their crop production methodology, use of computer graphics, and overhead imagery in working against international organized crime and drug traffickers.

our of the Cold War exhibit and the Memorial wall, Stewart said, -Your work entalla elements of danger, adventure, and excitement, which too easily is seized upon by Hollywood. Oneense of balance and proper perspective on your work. This visit has certainly shifted my perceptions and made mo review my attitudes toward the Agency and my conditioning from previous reading about you. Wendy, my fiancee,re startingroduction company. We would welcome projects thatore positive view of the good work of yourtewart also expressed interest in returning to the Agency to address employees in the Auditorium on the craft of acting and portraying intelligence in the movies.


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