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The Harakal ul-Aninr<HUA),an blamic extremist organization that Pakistan supports In Its proxy war agaimt Indian fortes In Kashmir,sing terrorist tacticsesterners and random attacks on civilians thai could involve Westerners lo promote Its pan Mamie agenda:

Kaihmir Hostages: Probably Notv>

The four Wtuern hostages kidnappedear ago byike Harakal ulwere killed in December

he HUA has kidnapped atf whom are Westerners.

AHOA militant captured by Indianforces sold US uverrogaiors that ihe houagei were killed onecember became Indian security fonts had killed the kidnappers' leader earlier thai month, and the group was under pressure from ihe Indian Army. Much of ihe captured militant's other information has been corroborated by other sources


the backdrop of possible declining support from Islamabad, the HUA is discussing financinc -ilh sponsors of international terrorism who are vtralenlty anti-US and may encourage attacks on US targets. Tne HUA may he seeking thisfrom suchterroristUsama Din Lad In and Libyan leader Mu'ammnran attempt to offset losses resulting rrom Ihe drop in Pakistani support.

Islamabad also i* at risk ofarget of HUA terrorism, particularly If it further reduces itsfor the HUA or clamps down on the group'stigovernmcni sentiment among HUAlready stroni and could grow further

The terrorist threat from Ihe HUA is increasing as ihc group shifts from attacks on Indian security forces in Kashmir to Westerners and civiliancould involvenf Kashmir. HUA leaden have eapiesscd intense haired of the West, ami

core* for ike hostages' bodies was unsuccessful. Indian security forces continue to receive claims of hostage sighlingt. bul inr, discount Iht crtdtbdiry of mint of the-




"HUA mav have assisted the Jamimiihrnir Islamic From in Carrying Out the Lajpat Nagar markei bombing in6 in New Delhi that killedersons, according to US Embassy reports.

IO begin attacking .

HUA contacts ot Embassy

Mew Delhi have hinted that they might.undertakeactions against civilian airliners.]

The HUA may be prepaiini or VIP aircraft in Indi

Islamabad is Backingslamabad appear* to be scaling back its support for the HUA, probably out of concern that its ties to Ihe group will prompt the United States to place Pakistan on the list of state sponsors of terrorism:

civilian aircraft in Tnilm iMoItTwclI involve West-cm casualties, given the largt numbers of Western lounsls in that coontry^f. |

Reaching Out to International Terrorist

The HUA il attempting to expand its tics to loreign supporters of international terrorism that are virulently anti-US and may further encourage the group to attack USlthough the group has kmg had intcnu-liorul ei-nnccilons. receni HUA requests for money from these terroristleast one nf which coincided with declining Pakistani supportthese contacts are more than routine:

apparently relatedenior HUAabout Islamabad's inconsistentthe group. Ii ii unclear If he svasI SID has reduced its fiSrSI and otherwell # |

ut Couldferret Itsctl Islamahad's compliance with US and UK demands to ceasr its support for the HUA and crack down on the group's act.unci could be costlyslamabad Pakistan is unlikely lo accede fully, but any strong actions aimed al stopping the group's activities might prompt the HUA io retaliate Although the IIUA's operations are primarily targeted against India, some of the group's rhetoric and past actionsostility toward Islamabad that couW be fueledoss of Islamabad's patronage"

within the HUA participated In the coup of5 againsi the Pakistanress reporting. The coup's objective was the removal of Ihe civilian government.

enior HUA leader has publicly advocated an Afghan-style change of government in Pakistan (hat would remove (he political, bureaucratic, and military hierarchies, (rf i

Implications Tor Ihe United SUteanioffof Pakiitani support to the HUA would make the group more likely to accept money from anti-US internal tonal terrorist supporters such as Bin Ladin. even if accepting such fundshift mstrategy. The HUA's underlying hatred of the Westrobable desire for retaliation against the forces pushing Islamabad's efforts increase the likelihood ofcenariorackdown,

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