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Significant Development*


H.xballah SliU MfM

Kuwaiti Stale Security Service (KSS) arrestedahraini Mhanalt indin Kuwait Cily onatch lorecurity threat luarrests may indicate thai Bahraini

llUhallan Mill it active in Ihcnf rcgn.ii despite last year's crackdown and the recent trial off ihe group's members in Bahrain. There is some cvi-deuce that those arrested may be affiliated with Hizballah cells in the region or with Iran:

Kuwaiti official reported to Bahraini officials thw ihc gioop appeared luto Saudi and Kuwaiti

Manama press reported ihai the croup called iisen HOOBiian cLSflT

at the homes of ihoie arrested indi-

calcilhcy had contact* in Damascus. Syria, and Qom. Iran, and the serviceIhey may have been operating on behalf of ihc Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security

Although the Bahraini Government'" crackdown last year appeared lo haveBahraini Hizballah, several keyihree military council mcmbers-as-okJed capture and may be attempting to regroup and conduct Hirballari-relased acavrbct:

. Muhammad Hafsb Manser Saffaf. oa* of ihe groups top leaders. Uves inreportedly hasafe-

housein Kuwah that served as ley transit pons! between Bahrain and Lebanon, has engaged in weapons smuggling, and may still he involved in tcrronst-related activities lhal have aroused Kuvva.li suspicions Kuwaiti officials may iry to cup. lure Saffaf in connection wiih the recent arrests.

Various reports suggest mililary council member Adil Shu'ala. who is still free outside Bahrain, may he associated with Hitballah al-Hijiz, the group suspected in the bombing inf Khuba. Towers in Dhahrin, Saudi Arabia.

Banra.nl efficuds estimate ihaither known Bahraini HitfeaJiin rnember.are tree ana probably have rteJ lu Iran o.

oi nrom



1 in Kuwait arc affiliated wiih Bahraini Hizballah, il would be ihr first indication that the (roup Mill is active The possible lies to Iran andnthe new nanc "Huballati Gulf* suggrM Tehran may be ssorfcng io.iHizballah cell to oppose the Bahraini

Hhosc arrested in Kuwait were raising money lol

Recent contacts between Lebanese Hirbailaii and Bahraini Shias suggest thatHizballah retains an infrastructure in Bahrain as well LebaneseFadUllah cooperates with Bahraini Shia clcnc AbdalUh 'Astur, who,as April, sul'ined FadUllah's ideas on how they might workreportedlyoderate Shia cleric, who has

cooperated wth the rtabnuru Governmenthe past. Though ihe association of FadlaJlahand Ailur may be related to legitimate religious affairs, their contact,inimum, indicates Fadlallah has access io the Shia community in Bahrain

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