Created: 9/19/1996

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SOUTH KOREA: Reaction to Infiltration Attempt

South Korean officials are talking toughorth Korean submarine ran aground on ihe east coast yesterday. The director of operations at the Joint Chiefs of Staff called therave provocation,nification Ministry statement said itirect threat to Seoul's security, according to press reports.

The rhetoric probably is meant to preempt domestic pressuretronger response and avoid creating new obstacles to dialogue withidlcvcl Foreign Ministry official

ISeoul wants to "minimize" the impact on "already" North-South relations.

South Korean leaden probably would be forced toarder line if there were violent clashes between infiltrators and security forces or revelations that P'yongyang was targeting South Korean leaders.

The last detected infiltration involved two agents infiltrating by sea in late October. The media afterward sharply criticized President Kim Yong-sam for his efforts to improve relations with P'yongyang, and the incident coalesced public opposition to provision of additional food assistance to North Korea.

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