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(U) Kansi Captured

(U) Editor's Note: The following is an edited transcript of the Agency Town Meeting held in the Headquarters Auditorium on Juneegarding the capture of Mi' Aimal Kansi.

However Long It Takes

Executive Director Nora Slalkin: Ifsa great honor today to introduce to you our Acting Director. Thisay that brings satis* faction to the CIA family at theconclusion of an extraordinary fouralf year effortus and the Bureau to bringto justice. And itay that brings great pride in our people and their accomplishments,

not only our people in

the Counterterrorist Center, but our people throughout this Agency. While this day brings great satisfaction and great pride, we must alwayswe must nevertwo stars on the Memorial Wall. For those families, the tragedy doesn't end today. Andreat plea-

Kansiom p. 1)

here to tell you thai he will never hurt anybody again.

tasks. It's been said that justice is truth in action. For four long years, month in and month out, our colleagues in the FBI, the State Department, as well as US legal attaches, and our own Agencyworked tirelessly to find Kansi and bring him back to justice. Kansi's arrest is the culmination of the relentless and patient efforts of scores of people working night and day.

Thereumber of people with us todaywant to personally thankant youthank.ant to thank themen and women of the Federal Bureauwho pur their lives on the line toto justice. They never wavered,ouple ofant you towe have Tom Pkkard, who is theof the FBI in the Washington FieldShubertwith us; they have

been tirelessly heipmi tu us throughout this. Andant to introduce you to thero here, Jimmy Carter, the Special Agent in Charge in the Washington Field Office, who was on Uie ground and led the men and women who brought thin man to justice.

ant lo thank the men and women of our Counterterrorist Center and the Near Eastannot say il better than lhe FBI orfkia! quoted in Thr WasriirHjfoir f'osf today, speaking in perfect FBI English, who said, "This was people who get their hands dirty. Those guys busted their humps on this. They're doing wha! Ihey doould add that they do this each and every day. I'd like the men and women of CTC and NE to please stand so we can acknowledge you.

While no joy can come from this tragedy, it is my hope that the friends, family, and co-workers of those killed and injured in the shooting will find some small solace in the result.

We've spoken to Ihe families of those killed and wounded in the attack. Wereat deal of time and effort yesterday ensuring lhat the families were greeted by an Agency employee and an FBI agent wherever they were yesterday, to hear it from us before they heard it from anybody else. They were enormously gratified, but understandably thisifficult lime for them. We assured them that the CIA family stands ready to help in any way we can,now wc can count on each and every one of you to help us in this regard


Speaking of Ihe CIA family, we also reached out to all of our formeralked to President Bush yesterday, who was just delighted that this hadalked to Dick Helms,hink became ten years younger when he heard thealked to |im Woolsey and |ohn Deulch. Theyof thisabsolutely delighted for us.

All of you, the men and women of CIA, canthat the pursuit of those involvedwill continue to be one of thispriorities No terrorist, as Nora hassleep soundly as long as this Agencywill never forget our colleagues!

This is an important day in our Agency's history. Just as we celebratenniversary and reflect on past successes anduarantee you that when they celebrate* anniversaries they will look at today and at this mission and marvel at the daring job that was very, very well done.

Thisreat day for this Agency and lhe FBI and ourust want to say itreat honor to serve with you. Thank you all very, very much.

I want to introduceew people to sayew words. First, I'd like Tom Pickard lo come up andew words for us. The relationship we have with lhe FBI is just absolutely remarkable; they're part of our family. Tomreat New Yorkill translate after he's done.

Tomill try toittleas recently, which will be difficult for me. but lest George get too far outimb, we're both from Queens, New York, so we both have that same heritage I'd like to thank you.tile embarrassed to be standing here in front of you lo take these accolades for the work of Jimmy and lhe other people, |


the individuals who were atal back here looking at George on audiovisual conferencing, or whatever they caU il, trying to engage attorneys iii all kinds of nonsense. But they do that well, andlways tellon't like to do my own

not crazy about coming here to CIA Headquarters, bul if you want lo meet someplace else, I'll be happy lo. That's where the work gets done. Bul thank you all very much on behalf of all the men and women of the FBI. We really appreciate this,illit lo Ihe men and women in the Washington Field Office. Thank you.

enet: Next I'd like Dave Cohen, our DOO, toew words No one was more relentless in lhe pursuitis guy, in making sure we had the resources available and making sure thai we never wavered than Dave.now that heew things to say to the men and women here today.

DDO Dave Cohen: I'm just going to quoteof great DO officers.houghtoverhead

my seIo someone yester-

day. And she just said it perfectly: "Do we do great work, or what?"

I can't say much beyond what Nora and George have already said on many of the important things that have transpired in these past few days Bul there isant to say. It has been four years for the people who did this. For Ihe people who started on this, il hasong trail. They didn't know where it was going to end. The dedicalion, the commitment, the loyalty that il took for the people who started down this trail four years ago and stayed the course is reallyIt culminated these last couple of days, but it hasong process.

All of the people who were involvedremarkable professionalism. The tradecraft, the decisionmaking, the skills, and the know-how that they brought lo bear on this particularwas ext optional Ihe courage and risk taking have already been mentioned; people could have died. But also there were risks of making decisions that could have gone wrong, and yet people had the courage to persevere. There was unselfishness, reliance on one another, and confidence in one another. These are remarkable qualities

Let us remember the people who did this: lhe people in the field; the people who backed them up; the Bureau; and the people at Headquarters and across the Agency who (continued an p. il

Kansirom p. 3)

were brought in.hink dbout these events iind the people involved, these are the qualities that really characterize everyone in CIA- That's what makes up this remarkable work force. This team really persceufies all of usery specialto celebrate.

What distinguishes this particular activity,operation, is that it cuts so close loBut also,ublic demonstration ofand our skills and our capabilities Ito | list nightuiet moment, |ustthank you to him andit

fabulously: "We just did ournd ithord with me.ee things noi as large as this, but also remarkable. Every day of the week, around the world, someone is doing something that's comparable. It really is incredible. Andust ration is mat we can't share it with one another. But this we can share with one another. So let's leap on it, and ride it hard.

A DCI Tenet:ant tois really one of thein this government. Andbecause Itreat leader.

that great leader and wc owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for whafs happened here. It's my greal honor and privilege to introduce him lo you this morning.

C/CTCwas going to be hard

enough to talk anyway.anted to say: It's just been an extraordinary privilege for me, to sitit as Deputy Chief and Chief/CTC, from just before lhe shooting until last night. The events of the last couple of weeks are truly heroicgree completely thatearearwill remember theseant you to know lhat over the last four years, from the morning off January, week in, week out, month In,


month out thereelentless effort, not just in CTC, but literally in every comer of Ihe Agency and Ihe Intelligence Community to find this guy.hought about this in Ihe last couple ol days as the events went down, it almost sounded hackneyed,an tell youemember specific incidents, specific acts, done by people in every Division in the Directorate of Operations, from virtually every Office in the Directorate of Intelligence, all parts of the DS&T, all parts of the DA,

pprrnrmwisrueeffort, and woven together with ourtheame that hasn'I beenwas the first agent on the scene

onf January and who stuck with it all ihe way through. He's the guy in the pressed shirt you see getting on the helicopter and getting off next lo Jimmy Carter It's just an outstanding example ol teamwork and what really makes usust can't say more withoutchoking up but thank you all, andreat day for the Agency and the USG.

ADClant to thank you all forant you to look ai todayreat celebration for us Take moment,rayer for ouraid last night: give eachug, give eachigh five.ocktail before noon. And remember, remember, remember, with all due respect to the FBI, this is the best organization in the United States Government Thank you.

The Town Meeting will be rebroadcast on the grid


> m.

| entrance will be open Cm

and Friday, June.. We expect that new$ media will be present nearntrance at various times during the next few days, and employees may wi$li lo avoid possible traffic backups. (This is SECRET in its entirety.lr

measure of comfort.

TTiis Day in CIA History

IV): Career Service concept introduced.

(U): Execution of convicted spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

DO Africa .'Division HostsCelebration on

BI Agent Richard W. Miller convicted of spying for the KGB.

: CIA Act9 signed.

(U)udolph Abel arrested as Soviet KGB "illegal' working in US. -

{U>: Economic Intelligence Committee created.


: President Reagan sign

Protection Act during visit to the Agency.




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