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AMERICAS (continued)

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Foreign Minister TikIcU lust weekenior| pfficial ihallighter aircrall would noi arrive in lhe nexl few months. Meihat he could noi guarantee that delivery would be postponedPeru appears to be committed to


A few days earlier, President Fujimori and Tudcla had claimeddecision had been made on acquiring. adding thatwere under

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mamcdov has denied thai hiidiscussing ihe sale ofo

although powerful defense industries in Russia arc widely known lo be pursuing foreign arms sa!cv

Peru may have inquiredirom Belarus and Ukraine. To ensureto parts and maintenance, however, Lima probablyto buy the aircraft from Russia, where thev cu-eJtuih.

Ijma may ha re decided to delay receipt of the aircraft to avoid jeopardizing prnurrn on resolution of the border dispute with Ecuador, which would react slrontly to their arrival in Peru,

ew Ecuadorian President Bucaram has an uneaty relationship with hit mililary, and he probably would feel pressure lo rr tpond with unscheduled arms purchases.

Elsewhere in tlie region. Argentina shows the moslAires does not want other South

countries tn a, quire advanced weapons that il cannot afford ut this timr Chilean plans to buy new fighters8 could be accelerated by Peruvian acquisition of advanced fighters. I

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