Created: 9/4/1997

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Prosecutor Fired!

Attorney General's office last week fired special antidrug prosecutor Alberto Rengifo after he reaffirmed lhe culpability of President Fujimori's former pilot andther Air Force personnel in an attempt to ship cocaine lo Russia last year, according lo press reports. Fujimori in late July publicly exonerated all Air Force personnel, claiming ihey were participatingecret mission related lo Peru's purchase ofighters.

In his July statement, the President offered no explanation for how the cocaine was placed aboard the Airr why he had earlier branded the same flight officers "criminals."

Press reportsudge last Thursday dismissed all charges against the pilot.j

The administration's move appears intended to placate military concerns about lhe trial of its officers in civilian courts under Peru's

ounternarcotics law. With his domestic political fortunes in decline in recent months, Fujimori has become more dependent on the armed forces' support.

military officers are likely to interpret the actionacit sanction for their illegal activities, and fewer

prosecutors and judges may be willing to risk their careers

by acting independently of the admini. (ration, I

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