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China; Military Diplomacy

The PLA high command bas broadened and accelerated seniorlevel international cxchaoees in ao effortxpand China's international influence, increase opportunities for arras sales and purchases of equipment and technology, ease concern over China's risbg power, and deepen PLA leaders' international experience. Some of the lop PLA uniformed officers arc now among tbe world's more widely (raveled and internationally experienced military leaders.| |

PLA leaders have expanded already active high-level strategic dialogue wiib US and Russian defense officials as they open new channels to important less*; owers.6 China hosted morerruhwrydcleg3tions from moreOcounrries and sent military delegationsountries.7 pace is evenore active,road focus tha: includes neighboring countries (ibe Kazakhstan! defense niL-Jsier has visited ChiDa twice in the pastajor powers,ide range of others (Beijing last week welcomed senior defense delegations from Greece and Urugiiay).Q

LA deputy chiefof staff visited France and Japan, paving tbe way forhinese military visits to both countries. G

expects to send its military chief of staff to China for the first time next year and Australia probably wjil receive the Chinese defense minister and tbe PLA chief ofhe PLA in November also welcomed its first high-leve! (vice chief of staff) officer from South Kotea.| |

PLA diplomacy has Ionseature of Chinese intemational exchanges with allies and close friends in the third world; it was central in Beijing'stfforts to reassure its neighbors following episodes of assertive Chinese military activities in the Taiwan Strait and tbe South China So5riticizing widespread regional concerns over ao emerging "ChinaLA leaders from the defense minister on down used in-persoti meetings and speeches at home and abroad to dampen the]

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