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Eradication Update



Latin America


Erad'canon Law jus! month. Colombia's Council for Dangerous Drugs formally approved afor use of the granular herbicide iebuthiuron In me eradication of coca. If

lebulhiaron is accepted for use and incorporated into the aerial spray program, it could greatly increase the pace of successful eradication; Howerer, many of the same socioeconomic and political challenges confronting the eradication program today will remain evenranular herbicide Is adopted. In addition, the producer of iebuthiuron has indicated that it will refuse to sell the herbicide for purposes of coca eradication

While testing protocols still need to be designed and approved, tests previously conducted by ihe US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Peru and Panama found that application of4 pounds per acre of granular tebuthiuronore efficient killer of coca than the currently used herbicide, glyphosate. and is also environmentally safe if correctly applied. The useore capable granular herbicide would also reduce the washout problems associated with glyphosate.'

Although the pace of eradication tn IW7 has continued at high levels, poor weather hampered spray attempts in June, according to ihe US Embassy. Pilot reporting also indicates that poor weather reduced spray efforts in May andesser extent in March and April.! " *

There are potential problems associated with the use of the granular herbicide that suggest program planners would need to ensure that the applications are precise and that coca fields do not receive multiple doses. Unlike glyphosate, ihe granular herbicide docs not quickly break down and become inert,otential for residual effects.

Any destruction of licit agriculture, negative environmental impact, or health problems retulting from the use ofminimalacklash of anti-American sentiment in Colombia and possibly throughout the region.

' Qypnowtt, more commonly known by ia trade name Roundup,iter-totuble compound.esearch, glyphosatecoostttenUy effective only jnder near-Ideal conditions, rainfallche use of sprinkler itrigwion withinour* after application andnanual defoliation or the rapid harvesting o( leave* will significantly reduce glyphosale't rrtnliveneu


Regional market forces, the economic realities of the coca industry, lack of government control over coca-growing areas, and the tenuous security situation-significant problems that plague the eradication programstill be present evenranular herbicide is adopted

For example, spraying out of Larandia,on hold during the hostage negotiations between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and then further delayed for securitybegan in raid-July; however, spray aircraft received heavy ground fire.


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