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Spray Activity Continues at High Levels But Obstacles Remain

Spray Activity Continues at High Levels But

Obstacles Remain

high levels of spray activity continue in the Guaviare coca growing area, efforts to expand the program and achieve overall coca reductionsumber of challenges, including geography and the changing dynamics of the coca trade in the region.

Colombian coca eradication spray activity for the first live months of the year has nearly surpassed last year's total efforts. From January through mid-May of this year, an5 hectares of coca has been sprayed with the herbicideyear, total spray efforts amounted to only0 hectares.

Despite spray efforts5 andan0 hectares of coca in the Guaviare growing area wascoca cultivation increased.56 overall cultivation jumped somehile cultivation within the Guaviare growingof the zones routinelybyercent.

nearly eight months of planning, spray operations began in mid-May out of the new forward operating base at Larandia. Caqueta, only to beay later due to developments in the ongoing hostage negotiations between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

The initial standdown of operations will last until mid-June, coinciding with the suspension of military operations and the demilitarization of large portions ofpartmcnt; however, the standdown could be longer if negotiations with the FARC become protracted.

intensive spray activity at thef thet-sliof iroca

was sprayed between October and Decemberresutl in the gradual death of some ofwhich will be reflected in7


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