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has described Mexicolace where be can work withoutecause semirefined cocaine base and finished cocaine hydrochloride weigh about the same, transportation of base to Mexico poses few additional hurdles to traffickers seeking to process final cocaineonetheless, most Colombiancocalne shipments to Mexico continue to be in the form of hydrochloride.

Colombia's Senate approved Nil last week allowing extradition of nationalsretroactive actions, probably due to pressure from narcoticsMinister and Justice Minister noted drug traffickers pressured senators :oin lthough bill still needs to be

approvedommittee and full House of

retroactivity probably will remainf bill passes without retroactivity,lo extradite drug traffickers such as jailed Call cartel leaders Miguel andOrejuela.

United Kingdom's Ambassador to Colombia and Minister of State for Latin American Relations observing illegal crop eradication last week in southwest when FARC rebels' gunfire hit plane involved in srjraying, according to pressilot slightlyn pastonths.S apartment of State-owned aircraft.f which were involved in spraying activity, attacked in Colombia,

o iiulication so far that rebels targeting the British officials.

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