Created: 2/1/1998

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PUns To Prosecute Shaykh forarracks Boi

Lebanon's highest conn announced during the first week in February that it intend* to try ousted former Hizballah Uwki Tufayli for the deaths of two Ubanese soWiers- -killedeceM shootout with Tufayli followers-as well as fo. crimes he committed during Ike civil war. Including lhe bombing of the us Marine Corps barracks

month after the shootout. Tafayli remain* at large.|

HBiufayli and several hundred wpportei* are hiingST TKer with Syria. The Lebanese Armed Forces hare deployed to Ojearea but

have not moved to capture Tufayli because of political :cr.rrrv*

Ubanon'StriMy of rcportm* suggests aat Tjfsylitrial Ior his crimes hotmay be gnar^ym orand other elemenu fi Lebanon cannot afforo toartyr oatby killing him or publiclyay to

his coofronialion with the Army began. Tufaylitatement to local newspapers ihrcalening to reveal information derailing who was responsible for "events of the

Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri probably believes trying Tufayli for his past crimes, such as the Marine barracks bombing- will demonstrate to the United Slates that he is following thiough on bilateralarrangements, including prosecuting those who committed crimes against US citizens during the war

Iran. Syria, and many Lebanese ofhcials are likely to support quietly removing Tufaylitstaon because he could implicate them invaneiy ol illegal activities. jKladiaf tenons! operations against US citizens. Tufayli *will help elumnaie overt critarismof Hrzbalu* and strengthen tbe group's influence in the Lebanese Government |

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