Created: 8/1/1997

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Paramilitaries Adopting Terrorist

right-wing paramilitarymilitias that carry outand massacres targeting leftist guerrillas and allegedintensified their violentin recent months. Carlos CastaruVs notorious Peasant Sclf-Defense Group of Cordoba and Urabahich operates throughout northwestern Colombia and the border regions of Panama, is the most

7 and the subsequent killing of several village residents. Other ACCU activities that month, including an attempted bombing in Bogotaeath threat against an international human rights delegation, suggest that the group also is beginning to adopt moie traditional terrorist tactics:

Onuly, paramilitaries shot andogota policeman who caught (hemynamite bomb at the headquarters of the Patriotic Union (UP).political party associated with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombiahe country's largest guerrilla i

Onuly, memberselegation investigating reports, of human rights abuses in Antioquia province were forced to cut short their mission afterrilten bomb threat from lhe ACCU ordering them to leave the area withinours. Two delegation members were employees of the UN High Commission for Human Rights, according to press.

These incidents highlight the possibility that foreign citlwns could becomeexpanding paramilitary violence, either as unintended casualties ofdomestic targets or as deliberate targets if paramilitary groupswith leftist"

ir DacKing from large landowners and rtarcotrafflckers who are threateDed by guerrilla activities,!

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