Created: 7/18/1983

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MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence

Director of Central Intelligence

E. A. Burkhalter,SN

Director, Intelligence Community Staff

America Joint Intelligence

This memorandum provides background information which helps to place in context the Director, GDIP Staff's letter (Attachmento Senators Goldwater and Stevens, and Congressmen Addabbo and Boland, on the establishment of the CAJIT. I

Onhe Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffemorandum (Attachmento the Secretary of Oefense asking his approval for the establishment of the CAJIT. Onay the Secretary approved .the requestirecting that "the necessary resources be made available through reprogramming and other appropriate resource allocationhe Director, GDIP Staff's objectiveriting his letter to the Committees was toormal reprogramming action if at all possible. Staff members from each of the Committees were briefed on the CAJIT in advance, with no objections noted. The letter was intended to serve as formal notification to the Congress of the actions taken. There was some initial confusion from the HAC Staff about the letter when it arrived, centering on two points: the letter referred to the CAJIT in the future tense, when it was obvious that it had been in operation for some time; and the staff appeared to feel, initially,eprogramming was required. Both points of confusion have been cleared up, and there will apparently be no further serious congressional concern about the matter, r

The former point is 1nnocuous--the use of the future tense was meant to indicate that the CAJIT had not yet received permanent billets, nor had it attained its initial operating capability. The second is more substantive. The rules for reprogramming of NFIP funds do notrocedure such as the one employed by the Director, GOIP Staff. Further, the

SUBJECT: Central America Joint Intelligence Team (CAJIT

Intelligence Community Staff was not consulted about what sort of fundinq mechanism would be explored to provide for the establishment of the CAJIT will work closely with the Program Managers to ensure that NFIP reproqranmi procedures, as promulgated this week in the revised Capabilities Programme and Budgeting Manual, are well understood.

L.,n. ournridiier, ot/!





Admiral, USN //

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