Created: 6/18/1983

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SAUDI ARABIA-IRAQ: Increased Oil Salsa

Saudi exports of crude oil to Iraq's

customers jumped toarrels per day during the one-month period ending0 barrels the previous month. Almost all this oil,otal of0 million, was taken by Japan and Ihe USSR-The Soviets are shipping their portion to India to satisfy their contracts with New DelhlJ

Jlraq haci agreed toprovras inn year to

2 billion wortn of on mis year to ppy lor military hardware, and It will owe the Japanese an8 billion for Imports and work on economic projects]"

Comment: The current Saudi deliveries, combined with Baghdad's own output, are almost equal to Iraq's OPEC production quotaillion ban jls per day. Unless Saudi Arabia further increases the amount of oil II mokes available for Iraq In Ihe second half of the year, Baghdad will not be able to meet its payments to Moscow and Tokyo. The Saudis, however, may not be willing to do so.

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