Created: 9/20/1983

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FRANCE-IPAQ: Status of Super Llendnrd Deal

Pans apparently remainsis mention to complete fc sale ot Supernier-oomoers lo irao. although French Foreign Minister CrntfSSQn's stjtemrHil yet'ertJa/ tSft 'OfWivery tjaie tor tne p'anes

J Tehran radio yesterday quoied Ayaic!Iah Khomeini ai trYrSaTening lo block the strait it the ma,or powers help Iraq "attack our economic


ihe French keep delaying ihe sh'oment of the aircraft. Iraq will be unable to threaten shipping in the southern hail ot the Persianould, however, launch attacks against Iran's major oil export facility at KharK island with the fighier aircraft it already has P

Baghdad probably would not risk retaliating against tit French lor delays In delivering the Super Etendards because Frarfcaajor arms supplier, instead, Iraq might locus its anger on the US. suspecting It of iniruericing the French. P

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