Created: 6/2/1983

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An article in the Soviet newe service Pravda claims the United Statea la helpinq the South African Government develop chemical weapons. According to the article, renearch on weaponiainq binary narv* agents is being conducts'*! at n nodical inatttutn near Pretoria. Another reported research station, located near Lui* Trichord in Transvaal Province, 1st working onhnic cherical weapon." Thia research eupponroiy was baaed on natural qenetic distinctions among races, ihe article refera to press releasee concerning attack* hy the South Africans ln November and1 in which cheieicalaused one de.eth and para"


He know of no chemical-warfare attacks involvino toxic agents in South Africa. Khat the Soviets are calling chemical attacks might have boon th* useiot-control qas to disperse crowds. We also do not believn the South Africans are producinq chemical lethal agents.

hemical-warfare charges have no basis and appear toiversionary tactic. Continuing adverse publicity on the use of toile chemicals by the Soviet Union and its surrogates in Southeast Asis aofl Afghanistan apparently has precipitated the Soviet propaganda attack on the United! Statea. The Soviets nay hope the cnoticns! reactions brought about by this anti-US propaganda, eapeclally the anticipated response to an ethnic chenlcal-voapon, will fcrtrna attention away from Soviet cbemi ACliifif ies.

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