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Office of General Counsel


National Intelligence Officer for Narcotics

Survey of Intelligence Needs of the National Narcotics Border Interdiction Centers

he Vice President's Officeurvey of the intelligence needs of the Centers. The findings, based on visits to three representative Centers, are: .

Improvements can be made in collating information receivedariety of sources.

sports system is needed to pass information along to other Centers and to Washington.

-- Collection is deficient. In addition, information collected elsewhere does not always reach the Centers.

Intelligence Community shouldraining package covering collation, requirements, trend analysiseports system.

CollationSome of the Centers are collating theirhGlp" a

quickly. raining course that focused on readingparts of the same story from different collectors would probablybest way to proceed. Given the nature of the narcotics problem, suchmight best be tauqht by an analyst with experience in


The collation process depends In part on the use of Intelligence, which, given the admixture In the Centers of IrileiTfgencI Community members and Law Enforcement Community members, must first be sanitized. Although the Centers visited showed sensitivity to the sanltlzatlon problem, they will still benefit from instruction on how to accomplish It quickly. arallel problem concerns classification: Intelligence Community representatives who are assigned to the Centers are usually experienced in dealing with classified material; Law Enforcement Community members may not be. The answer once again Is sanltizatlon.

Reports SystemHone of the Centers currentlyay of regularly sharing information with other Centers and with the Intelligence Community. ecently Instituted daily report to the Vice President's Office willortion of this gap,tandardized reports system, such as was recently accepted by OEA and Customs in Washington, wouldong way toward promoting information sharing. raining course should be devised to teach preparation of reports In standard format covering foreign intelligence

obtained by the Centers. These reports should then be shared with other Centers and Washington.

Since the law enforcement component of the Centerson arrest and conviction activities, debrleflngs of sources,arrested International traffickers are often neglected.ollected about

_ ic cent jrepare requirements for use with such sources in cases where the sources are prepared to cooperate. Information thus obtained should then be shared with the other Centers and Washington through the reports system described above. Customs' Significant Enforcement Activity Report and the Coast Guard's Situation Reporttep in this direction. tandardized system covering these and other agencies would bring benefits to all.

AnalysisInstruction on the production of trendinternational trafficking would promote longer-term thinkinginterdiction. Although more computerization and wider accesswould be beneficial, the new Centers Initially will have tomore basic trend analysisthey lack the computer access and theto undertake highly sophisticated analysis.

a particular

ecommended Training Packageraininghe above-mentioned disciplinescollation, requirements, trend analysis and reports syst should be tailored to the extent possible to the different set of confronting each Center. Trainers will need first to learn how (LfflOYlD FOR RELEASEATI?

Centerandling intelligence and then adjust the training package accordingly. We do recomend, however, that standard formats be used for trend analysis and reports, since these products will be consumed by other Centers as well as by Washington. Training In collation techniques and requirements preparation can be more informaleach Center shouldystem with which ftomfortable.

Given the nature of the training requirement, at least one trainer should have had experienceilitary analyst; another should have had experience in reports writing.

9. Other Recommendations

Some of the Centers are not sufficiently familiar with EPIC to use Its resources. We believe that supervisors from the Centers should visit EPIC. EPIC should also designate one of Its officers as contact point for all the Centers. He would be responsible for looking after the Interests of the Centers and In particular for sending them information that he thinks they need.

waters, yet the Canadian Efforts should be made

CementThe surve] Officer for Narcotics,!


the enthusiasm and motivation In the Centers. Much has been accomplished In few snort weeks. If we can capitalize on that enthusiasm byensible training packageseful result is likely.



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